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Open up a world of opportunity by joining your local library. You can join online using the online forms on the page, or by visiting your local library. When you apply online, you will need to collect your membership card from your chosen library.

Library membership – adult, family, young people

Please use this form to submit a Library Membership Request.

Inside of Milngavie Library

Member benefits

When you collect your member card, you will need to provide a form of proof of your name and address. This documentation can be one of the following:

  • Utility bill
  • Driving license

Once your membership card has been issued, you can use this straight away in any of the East Dunbartonshire Libraries and using our online services. Our online services allow you to use a wide selection of free online services. These services include free downloadable audiobooks, eBooks and digital magazines, these can be accessed remotely from your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

Children and young people under 16 must have their membership counter-signed by a parent or guardian when collecting their card.

Already a member and just need your details changed?

Either log in to your library account and click on Your Personal Details, or email libraries@eastdunbarton.gov.uk.

How to join and benefits

All library members can borrow up to:

  • 20 Books ( including audiobooks and language courses)
  • 1 Console game (if you are under 16, bring your parent/carer to the library and they will be asked to complete a Games Lending Permission form on your behalf)

There is a small hire charge for console games.

Books - up to 3 weeks
Console games – 3 week hire

Unless requested by another user, your items can be renewed. Items may be renewed online, in person, on the Libraries App or by telephone, up to four times. Fines are not charged on overdue items, but we kindly ask you to return your library items at your earliest convenience, so that other users can enjoy them too.

  • Once you have completed the application form and shown proof of name and
    address, you will be issued with your library ticket.
  • Adult members can borrow up to 20 books and 10 audio-visual items
  • You can use your ticket at any of East Dunbartonshire’s Libraries
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please inform us as soon as possible – a charge will be made for a replacement card
  • You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card, and for the cost of items lost, stolen or damaged
  • If you are unable to visit the library, items can be renewed by telephone or via the East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust website. Please have your membership number and PIN or password ready
  • Items can be returned to any library in East Dunbartonshire
  • Copyright regulations must be observed – details available on request
  • Concessionary rates for some fees and charges are available. Enquire at your library

East Dunbartonshire libraries are working hard to make library information, events and resources accessible to everyone. We work with partners, community groups and volunteers to improve and develop access to library services.

Here are some details of how we can assist everyone to use their library or library resources and services.

Accessible Learning in Libraries

Each of our Library Learning Centres is equipped with resources to help you to use a computer. We have lots of specialised equipment, for example, computer software to magnify or read text to you, keyboards with large keys, height adjustable computer desks and lots more. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, our libraries are equipped with a loop induction system. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to help.

We can arrange short courses to help you begin to use computers with our help or you can use our drop in facility which is available in four libraries, where we offer time to ask questions or practice with the help of a tutor or volunteer.

Accessibility Resources

If you have a visual impairment or are dyslexic, we have resources
to help you read books, newspapers and other documents. Magnifiers will increase the size of the text, while specialist scanning equipment photograph the text on a document, book or letter and then read it to you.

There is also a Pen Friend device available which reads the title information and synopsis of a book to you. All you have to do is ask staff to help!

We want you to be able to use our accessibility resources and equipment in libraries and are able to offer tuition and information on how to make the best use of them. Help is available on request and is free.

Home Library Service


If you are unable to visit your local library because you are housebound, recovering from illness, have mobility difficulties, visual impairment or are a carer at home, we can bring the library service to you. If you meet the criteria, please contact your local library or telephone Outreach and Access on 0141 777 3145.


For residential, nursing and care homes, sheltered housing and daycare centres, we are happy to consider requests from wardens or managers for a regular delivery of library resources. Your local library will choose a selection of items and arrange with a volunteer to have them delivered to you and uplifted on a specified day each month. Items can be requested and we are also happy to work with caregivers to provide reminiscence and local or family history materials. If you would like more information on this service, please contact Outreach and Access on 0141 777 3145.


We know that some communities cannot access their local library easily, especially in the winter months. Where this can be a concern, we will work with communities to arrange for a deposit collection to be delivered to community centres, churches, or other place where communities gather. This would be a selection of library items, which would be changed over each quarter. We will require a designated person to be in charge of the collection, recording details of the borrower and dates of the loans. We will do our best to provide special items and materials, if you would like more information on this service, please contact Outreach and Access on 0141 777 3145.

Information Events

Each year, libraries invite partners or other organisations to showcase their information and resources inside and outside the library. Other partners may meet in libraries to offer support to their constituents. We work with many different groups to bring impartial advice and assistance to different groups. Here are some partners we have been working with recently:

  • Mobile Sight Information Service
  • Visibility
  • East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired Forum

Each year we take part in Make a Noise in Libraries Fortnight, an RNIB campaign to bring public libraries and blind and partially sighted people together to improve access to books and information. You can find out at your library what is happening locally. Just ask our helpful staff!


We would not be able to offer many of the services we can without the help of our volunteers. Volunteers help with the Home Library Service, Reading Groups, Computer Tuition, Community Groups and many other library activities. Our current volunteers tell us it is a very rewarding experience and we are always happy to discuss with volunteers how we can work together to give the best services we can to library users.

If you would like to apply to become a library volunteer, please telephone Outreach and Access on 0141 777 3145 or email

Libraries are a place where you can share the experience of reading and learning; where knowledge is free; and where you know that the advice and support available to help you is impartial.
If you would like any information or advice about the services described in this brochure, please telephone Outreach and Access on 0141 777 3145 or you can email us at:libraries@eastdunbarton.gov.uk.