Leisure classes on as normal this bank holiday weekend
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How to book

See below for information on how to book swimming lessons.

Children under 5 years old only

Those who are not in lessons and wish to start: August 2023

Our Pre-School classes are for children aged under 5 and the child must be accompanied in the water with an adult.

We no longer hold a waiting list for lessons. When we have availability for lessons, we shall post this on our social media and our landing page.

August 2023

If you are interested in our Adults, Teens or children with a disability class please email us for availability. Please select ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of this page.

For children over the age of 5 who wish to start lessons:

We no longer hold a waiting list for lessons. When we have availability for lessons, we shall post this on our social media and our landing page

Holiday Programmes run during Easter. Summer and October. Details on our holiday programmes can be found on the Swimming Holiday Programme page.

Children must be assessed to ensure that we can place them in a level appropriate to their ability. Generally, we would class a non swimmer as a child who cannot demonstrate an understanding of all 4 strokes (front and back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly).

If your child can swim, please email us for further information. Please select ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of this page.

You may already have completed this document for another activity however we require this form to be completed and returned should you wish to be placed in a swimming lesson.

Please ensure you read these supporting notes on how to complete the online Booking Form to avoid any errors. Any form that is completed incorrectly or is incomplete may mean you are not placed in a class.


Parent / Carer / Guardian details – DO NOT PUT CHILDS DETAILS IN THIS SECTION!

  • Please complete all sections marked with an asterisk – (this also applies to all other sections)
  • Note that the date of birth is for the adult registering the child

Child details

  • Select your preferred centre you wish to attend
  • Select how many children you wish to book as they must all be completed on this form


Child One

  • Please select your classes as 1st / 2nd / 3rd choice – you can only attend 1 class
  • Follow the format shown in the box however this needs modified for swimming as follows o Eg: ‘Aquafun 1 / Monday / Allander 0930 – this format must be followed  Complete the rest of the section

Child One – Medical Details

  • Complete as necessary – this information is used to allow us to deliver your lesson safely
  • Complete the same process for any siblings


Direct Debit Details

  • Please ensure that the bank account details match that of the adult named in the ‘Parent’ section
  • Please ensure you have the authority to set up the Direct Debit
  • Account Name – is the name of the account holder
  • Account number is your bank account number (8 digits)
  • Confirm the details entered are correct

Data Protection

Select check box to complete the process and select submit form
Any incomplete or incorrectly completed forms shall not be processed so please take care when filling out the booking form to avoid any disappointment at not being placed!


You only need to register once, so if your child attends multiple sports you do not need to register multiple times.

  • You shall receive log in information via email and this will give your unique member number that you will need to register and the link to access Home Portal
  • Follow the instructions to register – remember it is the ADULT that registers
  • During the registration process you will see all children who will be linked to your account (if there are any errors here please contact us and do not proceed).
  • If everything looks in order – select ‘That’s everyone, proceed to finish’ and follow the instructions
  • Read and accept the T&Cs
  • Ensure you validate your account by clicking the link in the email that is sent. (check your junk inbox just in case it is delivered there)

Once Registered with Home Portal

  • You will have an overview of all classes your child / children attend
  • You can check the classes each child attends and a detailed view of their progress (only for swimming and current progress is being updated. The full feature is not yet available)
  • You will be able to change class when your child is ready to move
  • You will be able to change your settings
  • You will be able to add other children once they attend our lessons

How do you move class?

  • You can’t just move class at any point as this would be disruptive for children and classes
  • When your child is ready to move up an age group or level we shall ‘mark them for movement’ and this triggers the process to allow you to change class online.
  • You will receive an email advising you that it is time to move and you simply follow the instructions to do so.
  • If you go to change and no class suits just check back regularly and move when you can. Remember! We no longer run terms and children move when they are ready so there is not the same rush for classes.
  • Changing class has never been easier!

We are here to help, so if there is anything that you don’t understand or are having difficulty with we will try out best to help. This is new to us too and we do expect some challenges along the way.

Please feel free to share your comments on how you find the process so we can improve and make things as easy as possible. You can do this via email or socials.

Please note

*Once booked please check booking attendance information below.

*Adult & Child / Pre-School lessons are for children aged under 5 years old.

*Children 5 years old or over will go into our main lesson programme.

*Our priority is to ensure our swimmers get back to lessons safely and in a fun and enjoyable environment therefore we would ask that once your class is confirmed that you read the procedures document. This can be found here.

Attendance Information for Swimmers

  • Ensure your child knows how to put on their goggles and cap. Our teachers are unable to assist with this.
  • Have your child’s swimming costume on underneath their clothes where possible. This is called ‘beach ready’ and it saves you some time before lessons!
  • Do not come to lessons if you or your child is unwell. There is no need to notify us of any short term absence. 

  • Please enter through the main doors
  • Advise reception you are there for lessons and check there are no cancellations
  • Follow directions to the changing village
  • Place your items in a locker this requires a £1 coin at Allander and Leisuredrome and a 20p coin at Kirkintilloch (refundable). Do not leave any personal belongings in the changing village or poolside

  • Please do not use a shower for any longer than necessary to allow all pupils the chance to shower before and after lessons as it can get busy between classes

  • Please be ready 5 minutes before your class start
  • Classes run for 25 minutes (unless otherwise stated)
  • Please visit the bathroom before lessons
  • We advise that swim shorts stop above the knee and we do not recommend ‘rash vests’ as these get heavy and can limit movement
  • Nose clips are not permitted
  • We recommend a swim cap or hair band for long hair
  • Wearing jewellery is not recommended
  • For Adult and Child lessons (pre-school) please wear a well fitting costume as little hands can cause embarrassing moments!
  • Parents / Carers are not allowed on poolside (except Adult and Adult and Child classes). If you wish to speak to a teacher, please email us at swimming@eastdunbarton.gov.uk
  • REMEMBER! Swimming is fun, enjoy your lessons!

  • Please ensure that you are there to meet your child at the end of lessons. Our teachers are not responsible for your child once the class has been dismissed. 
  • Hot chocolate / lunch / dinner / homework / Karate / bed! (choose which one you want!)

More Information

The safety and wellbeing of our swimmers is paramount and your co-operation is greatly appreciated. Our staff are here to help so please treat them with respect. If you have any issues or enquiries please select ‘contact us’ at the bottom of this page

Please also check our FAQ’s page for further information.