Leisure classes on as normal this bank holiday weekend
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All our Swimming Teachers are trained in Good Practice and Child Protection and are dedicated to your child's wellbeing and best interests at all times. We use a ‘Children's Rights’ based approach to everything we do.

Wellbeing and Child Protection information

Our lessons are 'child centred' and structured in such a manner to ensure that children learn in a motivating, fun and non threatening environment.

  • Not moving a child up to early. If this were to happen the child would struggle with the increasingly difficult tasks which could have a detrimental effect on their self confidence and self efficacy. Our teachers are highly qualified and are best placed to make the decision when a child is ready to advance.
  • Communicating with and conducting children in a class in a manner which does not frighten or pressure a child, and where relevant, instructing parents or carers to do the same.
  • Creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere to make the experience of learning to swim enjoyable, comfortable, safe and productive.
    Our teachers constantly strive to provide high quality lessons which will improve children's physical and mental development along with building their confidence and starting them on a road to a lifelong involvement in sport and activity.

Parents and carers must trust our teachers' decisions as these are always made in the best interest of the child.