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East Dunbartonshire has one of the most diverse learn to Swim Programmes in the country and throughout our pages we will explain what we can offer you or your child throughout your time with us.

Swimming Development Introduction - What we can offer you

We run 40 lessons per year with breaks for Easter, Summer and October where we have a comprehensive Holiday Programme offering many exciting aquatic activities for both Adults and Children.

Our highly experienced teachers are fully qualified and are kept up to date with current techniques and principles. We also have teachers qualified in Water Polo, Synchro and Diving. Teachers take a keen interest in each child, their learning and their progress and are dedicated to our ethos of ‘child centred lessons’. All of our highly experienced staff are PVG checked and trained in Children's Wellbeing and details of this can be found on our Swimmer Wellbeing page.

Lessons for children start when they are 4 months old and progress through the different age groups of our Adult and Child programme. Children are not assessed throughout these classes.

Once children reach 5 years old they go into classes on their own. We have four main levels and the basic aims are outlined below. More emphasis is put on technique and not on distance as it is vital that swimmers can swim 10m with good technique rather than 50m poorly. Children are continually assessed and your child’s progress is updated on your own ‘Home Portal’.

Children in Levels 1 - 8 are continually assessed and will move up a level when they can consistently achieve all the learning outcomes.

Don’t think that by Level 8 it is all over!! We have many other classes and activities, both term time and during our holiday programmes. Here you can find details of Aqua Active, Diving, Junior Lifesaving and Water Polo.

We also have classes for Adults, from those who are totally terrified and can’t swim at all, to classes for those who are more confident and want to swim to keep fit but just need a little guidance. We have both term time classes, which must be pre-booked, and ‘drop in’ classes for Adult learners

In addition we can offer one-to-one lessons for both children and adults. These lessons are ideal for those who have had a fright or are struggling with a particular skill and need a little more help. One-to-one lessons are arranged at a time suitable for both you and the teacher so can be perfect for those who may not be able to commit to a term of lessons.

All classes run for 25 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Select the tabs below for more information or please contact us by email if you have any questions on our lessons, whether it is an enrolment question or just guidance on the best class for you. You can drop us a line by email swimming@eastdunbarton.gov.uk or call 0141 578 8445

More Information

We no longer hold mailing lists for our lessons, instead application forms and timetables are made available on our website just prior to the start of a new term, (August, November and March). Application forms are available for a maximum of 2 weeks into the term as long as there are spaces available. All you need to do is download the forms and return them as per the instructions shown on the How to book page.

For children under the age of 5 years old. These classes are split into 4 different age groups to ensure that your child learns within their own age group. You must accompany your child in the class as we aim to teach both of you – so prepare to get wet!

If you are unsure about the pool environment please visit the pool before bringing your child. You can familiarise yourself with the layout and pass on this confidence to your child on the very first visit.

What are Adult and Child / Pre School lessons?

Our Adult and Child programme aims to:

  • Aid physical development, their muscles, motor skills and co-ordination will all be challenged
  • Provide social interaction, teaching sharing and teamwork
  • Help with language development
  • Provide stimulation and excitement
  • Encourage independent movement with freedom to explore
  • Start children on a path to a lifetime involvement of physical activity
  • Teach safety first
  • Provide you both with potentially lifesaving skills
  • Provide skills and tips that can be practised at home or at the pool

Not many of us remember our first time in a swimming pool, but if you think about it, everything looks different. The size, the smell, the noise so it can be a little overwhelming!

Children pick up on body language through the adult they are with - from your voice, grip and facial expressions. If you are not sure about the pool environment please visit the pool before bringing your child. You can familiarise yourself with the layout and pass on this confidence to your child on the very first visit.

Favourite toys and teddies are welcome to watch from the side, we won’t even charge for them to spectate!

Classes are grouped by age and children do not need to achieve any learning outcomes to advance. Children only move up to the next age group class when they are old enough.

Details on how to book can be found by visiting our How to book page.

Taking place in the teaching pool, this is for children who have never been swimming before or have some experience in swimming. It is a perfect introduction to the swimming pool establishing the basic safety rules, movement exercises and breathing practices as well as an introduction to the strokes.

Taking place in the teaching pool, we build on the skills learnt in Swim Skills 1A, swimmers are now developing technique over longer distances in preparation for main pool classes. Children must be able to demonstrate at least 10m swim confidently in front and back crawl and they will also have an understanding of butterfly and breast stroke.

Classes now take place in the shallow end of the main pool and distances will increase with more emphasis on breast stroke technique. Deep water practices are also introduced.

This class takes place mostly at the deep end of the main pool. Distances continue to increase and technique in all 4 strokes is now assessed. We are now looking for technique being maintained over longer distances. We shall also introduce some basic lifesaving and other aquatic skills.

Level 4 is our final Swim Skills Level and here we are focussing on distances of up to 50 metres with the swimmer being able to swim this continuously without stopping and maintaining their technique. We shall also assess diving with transition into a stroke. After Swim Skills 4 swimmers can decide whether to attend our ‘Aqua Active’ class or move to a swim club.

This class is 60 minutes long and introduces aquatic disciplines and activities as well as developing your child's swim skills further. The class is split into 2 sections, one concentrating on technique development and every 2 weeks we introduce a new activity such as Artistic Swimming (Synchronised Swimming), Diving, Water Polo, Lifesaving and Survival Swimming and finning (subject to availability) This is an excellent way for children to explore the variety of aquatic activities available to them.

For children aged around 13 – 16 who would prefer to learn with their peers in a supportive environment. Children and Young People are not formally assessed in this class, rather we take a needs based approach for our swimmers. This class takes place in the main pool.

For children aged 5 and over who may find our Swim Skills lessons too challenging. If you are uncertain if this class is suitable for your child please contact us. The child must be accompanied in the water by an adult.

Adult Lessons - from totally terrified to those who just need some motivation!

We all know how difficult it is to learn to a new skill, and it feels like the older we get the more difficult it becomes! However, it is never too late to learn to swim, and like all new skills, whether it's learning a language or learning to swim, the first step is the biggest. Fear and motivation can be the greatest challenges but once you have made that first move you will be surprised how easy it is. Honestly!

We realise that adults have different reasons for learning to swim, whether its a personal challenge, for fitness, something you have always promised yourself you would do, or maybe you watch people on holiday in the pool and think; 'I wish I could do that!' Our highly qualified teaching staff have a wealth of experience and will put you at ease and talk through what you want to achieve.

Unlike the children's lessons we do not have formal learning outcomes. Our adult classes will cater for your needs and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

So put all the excuses to one side and make it happen, drop us a line or speak to a member of swimming staff, and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Adult ‘Drop in’ Classes

If you maybe cannot commit to a term of lessons due to work or family commitments, our 'Drop In' class is exactly that, come along when you can, and is open to all abilities from non swimmer to those who need a little more practice in certain areas.

We have not yet reintroduced these classes but we hope to do so soon, so please check here for updates.

Remember that we are no longer running terms and classes will run continuously throughout the year with breaks on the following dates. If your child achieves all the exit criteria for their level, or they are of an age to move up, you will receive notification via email and Home Portal.


Lessons end Thursday 28 March
Lessons restart Monday 15 April


Lessons end Friday 28 June
Lessons Restart Monday 12 August